Caitlin Murphy
Caitlin Murphy


Cannabis is a burgeoning industry. In the past, I have done extensive research-oriented copywriting, but I have also started breaking into pitching articles on the topic. Here is a selection of some of that work. 

A list of all Published Work on the Topic  


  • Tonic "The Compelling Case For Treating Autism With Marijuana" Online, Published May 8th. 2017 [Link]
  • High Times "The New Must Have Accessory For the Sex Positive Stoner" Online, Published January 4th, 2017 [Link


  • The Fresh Toast "What Track and Trace Will Mean For Your Legal California Marijuana" Online, Published November 18th, 2016 [Link]
  • Magnetic Magazine "Keep Your Cannabis in Tip Top Condition with the Cannador" Online, Published December 9th, 2016 [Link]

Blogging: The Daily Leaf 

  • "Cannabis Prohibition Unconstitutional, Says Connecticut Attorney" August 8th, 2017 [Link]
  • "Oregon Man Fined For Using Robotic Mannequins To Advertise Dispensary" August 8th, 2017 [Link]
  • "Budtender Bootcamp Comes To Portland" August 8th, 2017 [Link]
  • "Colorado Businesses Are Firing Employees Who Test Positive For Marijuana" August 8th, 2017 [Link]
  • "Maine Marijuana Dispensary Trades Weed For Trash Removal" August 8th, 2017 [Link]
  • "Massachusetts Governor Signs Marijuana Bill, But He Is Unhappy About It" August 3rd, 2017 [Link
  • "The “Patchwork” Of States Regulations Good And Bad For Federal Marijuana Regulation" August 3rd, 2017 [Link]
  • "Ohio Lawmakers Want Feds To Reclassify Marijuana" August 1st, 2017 [Link]
  • "How Much Did People Pay For Weed in July?" August 1st, 2017 [Link
  • "Scientists One Step Closer To A Real Cannabis Breathalyzer" July 31st, 2017 [Link]
  • "Understanding the Receptor That Makes Us High" July 31st, 2017 [Link
  • "Senate Keeps Marijuana Protection In Place" July 31st, 2017 [Link]
  • "Congressman Running For AG Session’s Former Arkansas Senate Seat Backs MMJ" July 31st, 2017 [Link]
  • "North Portland Fire Caused By Hash Oil Explosion" July 29th, 2017 [Link]
  • "Trying to Stay Relevant, Big Pharma Developing Cannabis Painkillers" July 20th, 2017 [Link
  • "UN’s 2017 World Drug Reports Marijuana Safest Drug" July 20th, 2017 [Link
  • "AndCan Index Shows Monthly Cannabis Demand For First Time" July 20th, 2017 [Link
  • "Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates Calls Out AG Sessions On Mandatory Minimum Sentencing" July 20th, 2017 [Link]
  • "Bitcoin Becomes An Option In A Marijuana Industry Rejected By Traditional Banking" July 20th, 2017 [Link]
  • "Planning On A Trip To Vegas? This Is What You Need To Know About Las Vegas Recreational Marijuana" July 20th, 2017 [Link
  • "Massachusetts Legalizes Marijuana, Finally…" July 20th, 2017 [Link]
  • "How Does CBD Prevent Anxiety That THC Can Cause?" July 20th, 2017 [Link]
  • "New Bill Could Give AG Sessions Unilateral Authority To Write Federal Drug Policy" July 18th, 2017 [Link
  • "Wine Versus Weed – The Battle For Oregon Is On!" July 17th, 2017 [Link]
  • "Nevada Marijuana Dispensaries Receive Government Help To Fill Inventory" July 14th, 2017 [Link]
  • "Nevada Has Declared A State Of Emergency Because They’re Almost Out Of Weed" July 13th, 2017 [Link]
  • "Oregon Defelonizes Usable Quantities of Heroin, Meth, and Cocaine" July 11th, 2017 [Link]
  • "Oregon State University Researchers Find Increase in Use by College Students Since Legalization" July 5th, 2017 [Link]
  • "Opiates Are The “Drug Epidemic” AG Sessions Should Be Concerned About, Not Cannabis" July 5th, 2017 [Link]
  • "Washington State’s Marijuana Laws Have Changed, Here’s How" July 5th, 2017 [Link]
  • "Oregon State Protects Against Federal Government Anti Marijuana Push" June 26th, 2017 [Link]
  • "Economist Projects that Oregon Marijuana Sales Will Rival Colorado’s" June 26th, 2017 [Link]
  • "Donald Trump VS. Marijuana – A Timeline" June 26, 2017 [Link]
  • "This is What Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Thinks About Marijuana" June 21st, 2017 [Link
  • "Canada is One Step Closer to Legalizing" June 20th, 2017 [Link]
  • "Jeff Sessions Wants to Undermine States' Legal Cannabis Laws" June 19th, 2017 [Link]


Psychicken, LLC is a copy-writing service which I have provided a high volume of heavily researched copy-writing to as assigned with a fast turnover. You can see examples small clips of some of our work below. 

Caitlin Murphy is an amazing asset for my freelance writer and copy writing service, Psychicken LLC. They are knowledgeable with the subjects I assign to them and are a pleasure to work with. They have an excellent command of the Chicago manual of style which we use as an in house guide for writing. They also have great independent ideas for pitching new articles and have won several competitive awards within our company. I can assure you they will be an asset to you as well.
— Ken Melvoin-Berg, Psychicken LLC

Below are some examples from the copywriting work I did for Psychicken LLC: 

"California was actually on the cutting edge of narcotics legislation in the US - although Marijuana was made illegal on the federal level in 1937 with the Marihuana Tax Act, many states made it and other narcotics illegal before WWI, and California was one of the first to act, in 1913. The 1913 amendment to the 1907 Poison Law by the California Board of Pharmacy - considered to be a pioneer in the United States’ war on drugs and one of the most aggressive anti-narcotics campaigns - made marijuana illegal in the state. 

“In 1907, seven years before the U.S. Congress restricted sale of narcotics by enacting the Harrison Act, the Board quietly engineered an amendment to California's poison laws so as to prohibit the sale of opium, morphine and cocaine except by a doctor's prescription. The Board followed up with an aggressive enforcement campaign, in which it pioneered many of the modern techniques of drug enforcement, employing undercover agents and informants posing as addicts, promoting antiparaphernalia laws and the criminalization of users, and flaunting its powers to the public with a series of well-publicized raids on dope-peddling pharmacists and Chinese opium dens.” 

California was inspired to such aggressive anti-narcotics campaigns by a similar zealous anti-Chinese sentiment. "

-From an article on the laws and history regarding Marijuana in California


"One of the biggest impacts of the widespread unrest that has been going on in Kyrgyzstan since the fall of the Soviet Union, and even moreso since 2005 and the Tulip Revolution, has been economic insecurity. Many people in different areas of Kyrgyzstan have been reliant on tourist economy that had all but dried up amid protests - the result has been a steep increase in illegal hashish production and the trafficking of drugs originating in Kyrgyzstan, as well as an increase in afghani opium poppy and cannabis products. 

As has been seen in many poor communities where marijuana grows freely or has been cultivated for centuries - as in Lebanon and Afghanistan - when turmoil leads to economic instability and collapse, those lowest on the totem pole tend to turn to marijuana and other illegal crops to make an honest, but illegal, living. 

In Kyrgyzstan, this has lead to everyone taking part in illegal wild cannabis harvests - even the elderly and children, and especially women, who are seen as ‘less suspect’ by authorities. It isn’t difficult for anyone, to take note of the bountiful wild plant growth during the day and trek there under cover of darkness to rub marijuana flowers between their palms and collect hashish over a few hours - each person can produce on average one matchbox, the preferred method of storing and breaking up for sale. In 2005, a matchbox was recorded as fetching 300 soms (about $7.50 USD at the time) each, up from 100-150 soms a few years before. That matchbox can then go on to be sold for two to four times as much in other areas of Kyrgyzstan, and up to $280 to $300 in Russia, an increase of 400%. "

-From, "Will Ride Horses Naked For Hashish," an article exploring the effect of political unrest in Kyrgyzstan on he harvest of wild Marijuana.